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Status: New Idea

As of L2023.3, in Sisense’s Helm Charts , “Tolerations” are supported by the micro-services. It prevents end-users from configuring “Taints” on the node that they want to dedicate to Sisense.
Since no “Taints” are configured, so all nodes can become eligible to host Sisenses’s pods. They experienced that scenario when pods from some other application services were scheduled on a Sisense node.

Would you please consider allowing the pods to be protected not only with  “Toleration” but also with “Taints”.

The justification for this is that, even though it is mentioned in prerequisites documents that Sisense should be installed on dedicated servers, there is a non-negligible factor from the customers perspective that is the overhead administrative costs, especially for customers who must already manage numerous clusters for several applications, multiple environments, and redundancy.