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Upgrading to L2023.4 for Customers using Infusion Apps

This post is relevant for Sisense Customers who are using Infusion Apps and upgrading to L2023.4 either as part of the managed service auto-upgrade or a manual upgrade. It is important to follow these steps and not only upgrade your Sisense version but also the Infusion Apps. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to Sisense Support.

Before Upgrading

IMPORTANT: Infusion Apps is a licensed feature with requires a signed Infusion Apps Product Addendum. Contact your CSM if you are unsure if you have signed the Infusion Apps Product Addendum. Without signing this addendum, you may not see some of these options in your local environment after your upgrade to L2023.4

After Upgrading

These post-upgrade steps should be performed by a Sisense Administrator. 

The PublishView add-on is part of the install package by default and: 

  • Consolidated to a single Add-on

  • Renamed to Infusion Apps PubishView

  • Version bumped to v2.0.0

Disable previous versions of PluginUtils and PublishView

It is recommended to delete the previous versions of the Add-on, not just disable it.

  • Go to Admin > Add-ons

  • Disable  PluginUtils and PublishView



Enable the Infusion Apps PublishView Add-on 

The Add-on has been renamed Infusion Apps PublishView and should be version 2.0.0. The Add-on will be disabled by default.




Verify that all functionality still works

Disable previous versions of PluginUtils and PublishView

  • Go to Admin > Add-ons

  • Select PluginUtils and PublishView

  • Remove them from your Sisense instance

Verify you can see the Infusion Management section in Admin > Feature Management




Turn on Infusion Service




Setup & Configure Infusion Apps

You can continue to use your Infusion Apps as is, but it is highly recommended that you move to the new versions of the Infusion Apps. When moving to the new versions of Infusion Apps, see Enabling Infusion Apps, and each Infusion Apps documentation page for instructions.

Sisense Analytics for Microsoft Teams

  • It is recommended to upgrade your manifest to the newest version.

Sisense Analytics for Slack

Sisense Analytics for Google Workspace

Sisense Analytics for Office 365

  • It is recommended to upgrade your manifest to the newest version.