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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Today’s organizations are more data-driven than ever. Over a third of respondents to our State of Analytics and BI survey reported that they are currently focused on growing their use of analytics across their businesses. This increased focus on analytics has put the spotlight on data teams, as preparing and connecting disparate data is integral to the organization’s success.

Delivering maximum flexibility for your data

At Sisense, we understand that data-driven organizations require solutions that deliver maximum flexibility when it comes to getting the most out of their data: How it’s consumed, by whom, and ultimately, how business users can transform the insights gleaned from their data into actionable insights. 

A modern data experience means organizations should be able to:

  • Connect to any dataset, live or cached, wherever it resides
  • Analyze data in any environment, whether it’s code-first, low code, or no code
  • Deploy anywhere: In the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid
  • Embed analytics anywhere 

Offering an agile, end-to-end data experience is exactly what led to Sisense’s merger with Periscope Data, a little over a year ago. We’ve spent the past 12 months integrating every aspect of our two companies: our teams, culture, operations, websites, and most importantly, our leading data and analytics platform and products. With the Q2 product release, many of the fruits of our combined efforts are now available in our platform. 

Powerful data prep tools deliver better insights, faster

Availability of data in a variety of locations, at scale and at speed, is becoming a competitive edge for businesses. In-Warehouse Data Prep provides builders with the advanced functionality they need to rapidly transform and optimize raw data creating materialized views on cloud data warehouses. Using the languages of data (SQL, and soon Python and R), data teams can reduce database workloads and optimize query performance directly from the cloud data warehouse. Data analysts love this because they can transform the data themselves, without needing data engineers, plus querying a materialized view can be 10-100x faster than querying the raw tables directly, meaning everyone benefits from faster analytics. In-Warehouse Data Prep supports both AWS Redshift and Snowflake data warehouses.

Another feature of In-Warehouse Data Prep is the warehouse statistics profiling view, which allows users to understand their data at a glance, identifying patterns, relationships, and unexpected values. 

Self-service dashboards: Your insights, your way

For cloud data teams, many of which were previously Periscope Data customers, we’re thrilled to announce the availability of self-service dashboards, a flagship of the Sisense offering. With self-service dashboards, citizen data analysts can build live data models and dashboards without code, and business teams can use dashboards to slice, dice, and drill into anywhere to answer questions autonomously. 

Additional capabilities

Our Q2 product release also includes several features and capabilities, including Sisense AI Trends, which adds another layer on top of visualizations to highlight tendencies in the data and get insights quickly. UI customization is another new release that helps deliver a seamless analytics experience within the user’s core software offering. Organizations can now update the entire look and feel of their analytics applications with unparalleled freedom. 


Sisense AI Trends

Finally, developers using Sisense will enjoy the newly-launched Developer Portal, a one-stop-shop for developer content, as well as further enhancements to the Embedded Playground. 

Whether you’re a code-driven data user, a business analyst looking for autonomy and accuracy without having to use code, or a developer who needs to embed, extend or deploy data products, Sisense’s Q2 release delivers analytics agility at scale. Explore these and other capabilities on the release page and watch our webinar on-demand.

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