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Community Team Leader
Community Team Leader

Read through our Submissions Guidelines and Statuses to be ready to submit your idea tomorrow. 

Happy ideating!

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Sisense's Product Feedback Forum Submission Guidelines and Statuses 

Do you have an idea, improvement, or feature you would like to see in Sisense's products? 

You are in the right place! 

Welcome to Sisense's Product Feedback Forum in the Sisense Community! 

This is the place in the Sisense Community where you can help shape the future of the Sisense products you use daily. Whether you're giving kudos to other community members' ideas, adding your own comment to a use case, or submitting an original idea, we value your input and contribution!  


Getting Started 

Review the below requirements to make sure your idea has all the relevant information our Product Management team needs to consider your idea. 


Sisense reserves the right to review, modify, delete, reprint, or redistribute all content that users contribute to the Product Feedback Forum. 


  • Submit only ONE idea at a time: Before submitting your idea, please make sure you do a quick search in the Product Feedback Forum to see if a similar idea already exists. You can save time by voting on an existing idea by giving it a kudo or by adding your own comment to a pre-existing idea with additional information and context about your individual use case. 

If you find yourself making a bulleted list, you may have more than one idea on your hands. It is important for the Sisense Product team to understand what users are voting for, so to ensure that each idea is as clear as possible, we ask that only one idea is submitted per post. Although you are more than free to submit multiple ideas, please make sure that each individual idea submission is related to a SINGLE idea. Submissions that list out multiple requests will be marked as Needs Clarification. 


  • Write in English: While Sisense staff work around the world and speak many languages, our software development teams communicate and manage issues in English. Submitting ideas in English will ensure that you're reaching the widest possible audience. Please note non-English ideas will not be removed but may not gain much traction.   


  • No questions, please: The Product Feedback Forum is not designed to answer questions or respond to requests for help. If you have a question, please post it in the appropriate discussion forum, or contact Sisense Support, which you can conveniently do from the Sisense Community! 


  • No bugs, please: The Product Feedback Forum is not the right place to log software bugs or crashes.  Bugs and crashes should be logged with Sisense Support


  • No performance issues, please: While ideas related to performance are not strictly off limits, performance issues are typically complex and involve troubleshooting that may be specific to individual users' data, hardware, network, bandwidth, and so on, which is not generally applicable to all users.  Performance issues should be logged with Sisense Support.


  • No sales requests, please: Pricing and licensing requests are not a good fit for the Product Feedback Forum. Please provide your account manager or sales team with your feedback.

Important‼️ Ideas that do not meet the above requirements will be closed, so make sure to familiarize yourself with our guidelines before submitting your idea.


Submitting an Idea

Before submitting your idea, please make sure you do a quick search in the Product Feedback Forum to see if a similar idea already exists. If you can't find anything in the Product Feedback Forum, please go ahead and submit your idea


Directions: In the Product Feedback Forum, Enter a title and hit "Check Title" to see if any similar ideas have already been posted. If none of them match your suggestion, scroll down the list to the bottom of the page, and click on "Continue and Post."


In order to post an idea, you will need a: 

  • Title 
  • Label 
  • Description


  • Title: Use descriptive keywords that include the product and the functionality requested. Ask yourself, "If I were searching for this to vote on it, could I find it?" 


  • Labels: Labels are used to ensure your idea gets to the correct member of our Product team and make your idea in the Sisense Community easier to find. Don't stress too much if you're not sure what labels to choose. Do your best, and our submission reviewers will edit your idea if necessary. 


  • Description: As a good rule of thumb, the more details that are included in your idea, the better. Below are some questions to consider when drafting your idea description: 

    • What is the problem or pain point you are experiencing?
    • What is the context, situation, or use case when you experience the problem or pain point? Please be as detailed as possible.
    • What is the proposed or requested solution? In your opinion, what does the ideal solution look like? 


  • Attachments (optional): It is optional but highly encouraged to add screenshots, gifs, or videos to your submission to help the Product Team better understand your idea. Please remember that publishing attachments make them public, so be careful not to post any proprietary information. 

Product Feedback Forum Submission Example: 

great product feedback example.jpeg



Idea Statuses 


There are six statuses that can be applied to all ideas across the Product Feedback Forum. Below is an overview of these statuses, which are used to communicate with users about where the idea stands. 


Status Description

New Idea

All ideas start here! 

We use the submission guidelines above to make sure these are ready for voting and commenting from the community. 

Votes and additional feedback through comments help Product Teams move the idea along.

Needs Info

Thank you for your idea; however, we need a little help with understanding the request before it can be open to voting. 

We'll communicate to explain what action is needed in order to change the idea's status. 

If you see this status on an idea you didn't submit, please chime in with your own examples in the comments. 

Needs Votes & Comments

We have everything we need, now, the idea needs votes and comments from the Sisense Community. 

We want to hear from you about how this idea would benefit you.


We think this is a good suggestion and have added it to our backlog. 

This status does not guarantee that the functionality will be in the next release, but development work has begun. 

Release cycles vary by product, so make sure to check the product life cycle information to get an idea of when to expect the next release. 


This idea has been delivered via Product Release. Make sure to check out our latest Product Release Blog to stay up to date on the latest releases. 


Unfortunately, not all ideas are a good fit.

These are not being considered at this time and will not be open to further voting. Ideas may be closed for different reasons, and we will do our best to communicate and let the community know why this idea isn't a good match for our current plans. 

Thank you for your contribution! 

The latest status can always be found linked in the Latest status update box at the top of each idea.

If you have questions or experience an issue, please contact [email protected]

We look forward to working with you to build the best-in-class embedded analytics tool.

Happy ideating!