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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Sisense Academy update! 

We have some big news! 

We are a one-stop shop! 


From now on, at the end of each training there is a link to the relevant documentation on, and, at the end of every documentation, there is a link to the relevant training of customers on Sisense Academy.

We are also working on adding it retroactively to existing content. 

January 2024 Updates:

What's new?

So, what's next?
The perspectives courses will be ready soon! iyyar_sg_7-1706806456183.png

In addition, throughout 2024 we will be updating all existing content to the latest version of Fusion iyyar_sg_8-1706806495795.png

We continue working on additional updates and changes and we will continue updating you monthly.

Do you feel something is missing? Do you want to know more about a specific subject? Let us know!

Keep the feedback coming!  

 Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.