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Community Team Member
Both .ecdata and .ecube files are used to make backups of data and transfer data between ElastiCube Servers.
Your data model or schema is saved in an ecube file. ecube files contain the schema and the data connection settings required for building your ElastiCube.  The ecube file does not contain the raw data. After building your ElastiCube from an ecube file, your ElastiCube with the data is stored in an ecdata file.
The Elasticube Manager stores the design of the data schema in an .ecube file. It is not the data itself, but only a “blueprint” of your data sources and structure. Saving a file in the ElastiCube Manager will output a .ecube file.
The .ecdata files contains both the data and the logic structure of the data. Typically .ecube files are very small (a few KBs), whereas .ecdata files are sensitively larger (may reach GBs  depending on your data). Exporting a file from the Sisense Server Console will output a .ecdata file.
Learn how to export an ecdata file in this LINK
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