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Community Team Member
Want to show a rolling average to your data? Using the Python / R integration, we can use a few quick lines in R to accomplish this.
Here are the first few rows of our SQL output - a list of dates with the number of users created on a fictional gaming platform.
We now use the rollmean() function from the zoo library in R, as shown below. Note from the rollmean() documentation that you can just as easily calculate a host of other rolling calculations, such as a rolling median or sum.

# Calculating the rolling average. Window is set to 3 here, corresponding to an average of the current row and the 2 preceding rows
window <- 10
padding <- rep(NA, window - 1)
df$rollingavg <- c(padding, rollmean(df$number_users, k = window))

Now, we make this chart a line graph to visualize the rolling average line by itself!
Tip: If you want to display both the raw data and the rolling average, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams' built-in visualizations has a quick "Show Rolling Average" check box that you can toggle on. 
Prefer Python? Find the Python equivalent to this post here.
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