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Troubleshooting Compose SDK Setup Issues

Below are some issues you may run into when setting up a TypeScript+React app to use Compose SDK packages and how you may troubleshoot them. Most of them are related to the app configurations as opposed to SDK-known issues, which are listed here.

If your issue is not on the list or the solution/workaround does not work for you, please leave a comment below. We will verify and update the list accordingly.

#         Action         Error Message/Behavior                 Solution/Workaround



yarn install

RequestError: unable to get local issuer certificate

Turn OFF Internet Security in Zscaler


yarn install

Invalid authentication (as an anonymous user)

Follow to configure personal access token for GitLab Packages Registry.

Also, try deleting yarn.lock and running yarn cache clean --all before running yarn install again


yarn install

No @sisense/sdk* modules installed in node_modules

Consequently, the CLI command fails to generate the data model without

Check if Yarn Plug'n'Play is enabled. One sign is the creation of pnp.cjs in the root folder after yarn install.

To fix, add nodeLinker: node-modules to .yarnrc.yml in the root folder and run yarn install again.


CLI command using npx

No output in the console and the data model file is not generated

This is also related to Yarn Plug’n’Play being enabled. This feature is available in Yarn 4.x, which is not a stable version.

To fix:

  • switch Yarn to stable version 3.x by running command yarn set version stable

  • run yarn -v to make sure version 3.x is used.

  • run yarn install to install packages again.

  • run npx command again.


CLI command

Error connecting to [Sisense URL]

TypeError: fetch failed

Turn OFF Internet Security in zscaler

Community Team Member
Community Team Member

This post is out of date. Please go to for current steps.

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