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This page describes how to add Sisense to Salesforce and configure SSO-support with SAML 2.0.
Note: This page reflects a 3rd party’s application which may change. If the steps described here do not match what you see in your Salesforce account, you can use the generic Sisense SAML documentation, along with the IdP’s documentation.
  1. Login to your Salesforce account.
  2. Set up a domain to your Salesforce account

  3. Enable Salesforce as an Identity Provider

  4. From Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Apps. In the Connected Apps pane, click the New button.

  5. Fill required fields with the following information:
    Connected App Name - choose any
    Contact number - choose any
    Choose Enable SAML
    Entity Id
     - Sisense
    ACS URL -
    Change Idp certificate to the SelfSignedCertificate

  6. From Setup, Enter Connected Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Connected Apps. Select SisenseApplication.

  7. In the Manage Profiles panes - add users that will have access to the application
    In Custom Attributes - Add Attribute key with $User.Email value

  8. Copy  IdP-Initiated Login URL paste it to Sisense Remote Login URL
    Download Idp Certificate - paste it to Public X.509 Certificate in Sisense
    Use notepad to open certificate, save lines starting from -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----   to -----END CERTIFICATE----- 

  9. On the Sisense SSO page add Remote Login URL and Certificate saved in the previous step

  10. Click Save. Users who access any of the web pages on your Sisense server will be redirected to Salesforce  authentication
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