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Report Manager: Most Common Troubleshooting Steps

Sisense has gone through and collected the most commonly reported issues related to the Report Manager plugin. Save time and effort by reading through the most common Report Manager plugin troubleshooting issues below. 


Troubleshooting common issues:


Case 1: PDF export fails via Report Manager:

Navigate to the dashboard that is set up for reporting in Report Manager and attempt to export the dashboard via PDF. If the PDF is not exported successfully, attempt to disable all plugins (via the Add-on tab) except the Report Manager plugin and retest. 


If the issue still persists, please contact Sisense Support.


Case 2: Reports are failing to be executed: 

Double-check the recipient list to ensure that you do not have any non-Sisense users listed. 


In cases where there is a non-Sisense user in the recipient list of the report, remove the email address of the non-Sisense recipient or enable reports to be sent for non-Sisense users. Refer to the linked manual to learn how to send reports to non-Sisense users.


Case 3: The Report Manager tab has disappeared

Resolving this issue will require manually restarting the Report Manager service. 


  • Restart the external-plugin pod service.




  • Restart “sisense.reportManagerEngine” service.



If you are a Sisense Managed Service customer, please feel free to contact Sisense Support. as we do not provide access to services for cloud customers.


Case 4: You are receiving all report attachments except CSV or Excel 

Please refer to Case #2. 


Case 5: You are installing Report Manager in a multi-node environment (Linux)

 Make sure you run the installation only on the master node. To identify the master node, use the command within Linux CLI: "kubectl cluster-info."

For Windows, the plugin needs to be installed on each single node


Case 6: Filters are different in dashboards versus the reports that are being sent via Report Manager

Navigate to the specific report and select, "Edit". Ensure that the box for "Apply Custom Filters" is checked, as the example below:


Known Report Manager Limitations:

  1. Report manager does not offer PDF-formatting capabilities.
  2. Widgets that are table with aggregation will not export to CSV or Excel.
  3. If Report Manager is configured to send emails, please ensure that all attachments dare not larger than 30 MB, otherwise, the email will fail.
  4. For timed reports, the reports are created based on the local time according to your machine. For example, if you configure the report to be sent out daily at 8 AM, each day's reports will be sent out at 8 AM based on the time of your local machine from which you set up the report.

Creating a Support Ticket for Report Manager issues:


In case none of the steps above were successful, please feel free to contact Sisense Support. Please make sure to attach the following logs to your ticket:


Linux customers:

  1. Navigate to /var/log/sisense/sisense/ and capture 
    1. external-plugin's pod logs 
    2. Api-gateway logs 

Windows customers:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Sisense\application-logs\ and capture the following logs: 
    1. api-gateway, 
    2. reportManagerExportEngine and 
    3. reportManagerMessaging
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