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When you build an ElastiCube, the build may fail and the build log file will show an "OutOf Memory" exception.
<Exception handler="GenerateDataSourceCacheFromLiveData.TrackException" type="OutOfMemoryException" msg="Array dimensions exceeded supported range." thread="(21)" date="29-12-2015" time="09:08:47:471">    <StackTrace>   at ElastiCube.ManagementService.Process.DataTransformationService.ExecuteCopyIntoV3(ActivityBase activitiBase, TrackingItemEvent rootTrackingItem, Cloud cloud, ProcessMetadata pmetadata, String cloudName, CloudTable cloudTable, String tableTarget, IDataReader reader, Int64 rowsToProcess, Int32 chunkSize, List`1 cloudColumns, AbacusColumnType[] columnTypes, Boolean accumulative, CopyIntoMode copyIntoMode)   at ElastiCube.ManagementService.Process.GenerateDataSourceCacheFromLiveData.executeCopyIntoActivity(Object sender, EventArgs e)</StackTrace>    <Exception.RuntimeInfo>


The "Data-import chunk size" setting in the ElastiCube Server Preferences windows is set to a value larger than the available memory.
To navigate to these settings, access the Sisense Server Console then click on the gear icon:
For example:


Set the  "Data-import chunk size" to a value smaller than the max available memory. The default value of this setting is 100000.

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