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This article will describe the common errors that will lead to an empty dashboard (when it’s not supposed to be empty).
Data Security:
This is a way to define which users are allowed to see which records, for example in an international company you can restrict every user to see only records from his country.
When using data security it is important to define a filter to every user since the default option for users who were not specified is to not see any data at all. If you have just a few users that you want to restrict, then notice to add another filter for everyone else to be able to see everything.
Another possible issue with data security is when the users' data security is filtered to some value, and the dashboard is showing a measure with no data for the specific value or the value is filtered out, there will not be any data visible to the user.
Filters based on old values:
The dashboard filter remembers the last choice the user made, regardless of whether the value still exists in the table. If a value is deleted or changed, the selected filter points to a nonexistent value and the dashboard will be empty.
When the user manually edits the filter, he’ll see the correct list of values, and when he will make a selection the data will be updated.
If the dashboard is published to other users, it is important to republish it on a regular basis, especially when values that used as filters are changing. 
Filter value grayed out:
In cases where there is only one value in the filter and it is grayed out, all dependent widgets will be empty. (The values become gray or blue when you click on it)
Access Rights:
In this case the dashboard will not be empty but the user will get a no access alert.
This happens when you define access rights to some users, in that case every user that was not given access rights will not be able to see the dashboard (only after a republish).
This error will also appear when you are opening a dashboard from a url that was shared with you, but the dashboard itself was not shared with you. In this case you should contact the dashboard owner and ask them to share the dashboard with you.
No Communication:
In this case the dashboard will not be empty but the user will get a connection error.
The ElastiCube is not accessible for some reason. If you get this error and the Server is local, do the following steps:
1. Check the Sisense server console is up. If you get a “No Connectivity” window, click on the play (>) sign and then click on “Reconnect”.
2. Open the Control Panel 
3. Administrative tools 
4. Services
5. in case the service “ElastiCubeManagmentService" is not running (status blank) right-click on it and select Start. If it is running then stop it and start again.
In case the server is not on the local machine, check the remote machine is up and accessible.
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