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How to Export a Certificate using the Certificate Export Wizard

In Sisense version 7.2 and later, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) settings have moved from Microsoft IIS into the Sisense Configuration Manager.

For organizations moving to Sisense 7.2 and above from an earlier version that would like to continue using SSL, it is necessary to obtain the certificate to make SSL work.

See the steps below to attempt to obtain the certificate from the server's certificate store if your organization previously had SSL set up on the Sisense web server. Organizations can also opt to contact their Certificate Authority (CA) to obtain an up-to-date copy of your site's .pfx or .crt and .key files. This explanation utilizes mmc (Microsoft Management Console) to export the certificate.

  1. On your webserver, search programs for mmc and select mmc.exe

  2. In the window that appears, click on "Add/Remove Snap-in..."



  3. In the "Available snap-ins" column, click on Certificates then click "Add >" to add it to the "Selected snap-ins" column

  4. In the resulting pop-up, select "Computer account" then click 'Next'

  5. Leave the settings as is on the next screen and click Finish

  6. Click on OK to add the Certificate snap-in



  7. On the left-hand side of the screen, expand Certificate (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates



  8. Right-click on your certificate, go to All Tasks > Export



  9. The Certificate Export Wizard will appear which will assist you in exporting your organization's certificate to
    the appropriate format. Select the Next button. 

  10. On the Export Private Key screen, select "Yes, export the private key". The private key is necessary for SSL to work in Sisense 7.2 and higher. Then select the Next button.



  11. On the Export File Format screen, select the Personal Information Exchange (.PFX) file option and hit the check boxes that correspond to the options below, then select the Next button.
        ☐ Include all certificates in the certification path if possible
        ☐ Export all extended properties
        ☐ Enable certificate privacy



  12. On the Security screen, select the Password checkbox and enter a password. Make sure the encryption setting is TripleDES-SHA1. Then select the Next button.

  13. Select the file location in which to save the exported certificate. Then select the Next Button.



  14. On the last screen select the Finish button to complete the setup.


Complete the setup in this guide to set up SSL in Sisense.

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