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Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Sometimes we would like to hide a column in our pivot table so we will be able to apply a specific logic or order the table by a column without displaying it.

The following script will allow you to hide the needed columns in your Pivot table.

To implement it, please make sure to:

  • Adjust the number of columns according to your widget
  • Place 0 for the column you'd like to hide
  • Save the script
  • Refresh the page

The following script is adjusted for a pivot table with 5 columns, hiding 2 of them:

var newWidth = {
0: 100,
1: 0,
2: 100,
3: 0,
4: 100
var columnsToRemove = []
var passed = -1
var wasExecuted = false
widget.on('processresult', function(widget, args){
if (!wasExecuted) {
args.result.metadata.forEach(function(e, index) {
if (e.panel != "scope" ) {
index = Object.keys(newWidth).length - index+passed;
if ( typeof(newWidth[index]) !== "undefined" ) {
e["format"] = {"width":newWidth[index]};
if (e.format.width === 0) {
else {
passed ++
wasExecuted = true
widget.on('ready', function() {
columnsToRemove.forEach(function(item) {
var selector = "[class*=table-grid__cell--col-" + item +"]";
$(selector, element).each(function(i, lmnt) {

Here is an example of the above script:




8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

I am unable to get this to work for Windows. Would this require different code?

Also! Second question. If we are looking at 2 Values but only want to show the second value in the last column, would this "column hide" code work? (screen shot below)




Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Hi @rklingensmith,


Yes - Windows uses Pivot 1.0 charts while Linux uses Pivot 2.0

The HTML labels are different for both pivot chart tables.


As this code relies on HTML class names (selector = "[class*=table-grid__cell--col-" + item +"]") - It won't execute as expected.


A "Pivot 1.0 Customization" article will soon be available in the Sisense Knowledgebase to cover the code for this functionality.


Per the second question:

A similar code may work if you tweak it a bit to ignore the last column's occurance



8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

awesome thanks so much @Ophir_Buchman 

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Thanks for the script.
When we tried this on a widget that has % values ( decimal values formatted as % values) though we are able to hide the column it is resetting the % values format back to decimals when the dashboard is refreshed.

Is there a way we retain the formats and still able to hide the columns?


Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

This script doesn't seem to work when there is conditional formatting enabled on the value column. 

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