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Sisense collects data when you or your users install or use Sisense products or services. Sisense uses the data collected for internal and support-related purposes such as improving our products and services, improving customer engagement, conducting research, and resolving technical issues. 
This article is meant to outline how to resolve issues with logs not reaching the monitoring service.
For information on Sisense Monitor, our client-facing tool that displays these logs collect, please reference the official documentation here
If necessary, to disable monitoring, please reference this article: Disable Monitoring Logs From Being Sent To Monitoring Service

What to Check:

Services: Make sure that the appropriate services are running: Sisense.Collector and Sisense.Shipper - if one or both are not running, be sure to start these services
Shipper Config:
​Port: Our monitor agent is streaming data on HTTPS (port 5052). If for some unlikely reason your network security settings block such traffic by default, please make sure you create an outbound rule for TCP port 5052.
You can verify the connection by initiating a Telnet session to our server:
telnet 5052
It will take 15- 30 minutes for these changes to impact whether logs are sent. If these steps have not helped with allowing logs to be sent, please create a ticket with our Support team.
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