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Community Team Member
If for information security reasons you'd like to disable data sent to our monitoring tools, you may disable this by doing the following:
On Sisense 7.0 and Above:
To disable online logs and have ONLY offline logs, comment out the last paragraph in the shipper.conf file:
Then restart the Sisense.Shipper service.
On Sisense 6.7 and Below:
  1. Within Windows Services, stop the monitoring service (after 6.7, the services are called Sisense.Shipper and Sisense.Collector. Before 6.7, there's only one service called Sisense.Monitoring). 
  2. Using a text editor, open the file 

    C:\Program Files\Sisense\Monitoring Agent\logstash\bin\infraAgent.exe.config

  3. Set the run_shipper_outer key to false:
       4. Save the file.
       5. Start services that were stopped in step 1.
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