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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Configure Dynamic Elasticubes Plugin

We have created this step by step guide for users that are looking to configure the Dynamic Elasticubes plugin without a URL parameter.

Step 1: Install the plugin on your Sisense Linux environment.  Download the plugin, Unzip and move the folder from the local machine to Admin > System Management > File manager > plugins

Step 2: Ensure that your data models have the same table name and column name. 

Step 3. Design your dashboard, and make sure you share the dashboard with all the groups.


Step 4: Set up the plugin Config file

Please enter the correct Dashboard Id, user group id, and datasource title.


Now when a user from Company A logs in, they will only be able to see the dashboard pointing to Cube A; similarly, a user from Company B will only be able to see data for Cube B. 

Did you try this out? Tell us about your experience in the comments! 

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