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Community Team Member
A C drive with very little  or no free space can cause many issues, starting with ElastiCube build failure to service crashes, to make sure your Sisense installation runs smoothly you should make sure your C drive has sufficient free space.
The biggest folder that is probably taking all the space is C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismServer\ElastiCubeData
To clear this folder safely do the following:
- Open the Sisense server console.
- See the folder name of each ElastiCube's location:- For most Elasticubes you'll see multiple folders in ElastiCube data, these are old versions of cubes from failed builds, you can delete them but make sure you keep the folders shown in the server console. (these are the locations of the active ElastiCubes)

Other files you can delete are:
build logs from :
Server logs from:
(to be on the safe side you can keep the latest files generated in these folders).

Temp files from:

To further investigate what else could be taking up space in the server you can install a tool called windirstat to analyze the disk usage by directories.

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