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The IIS has default settings for Timeout and Recycling, which are used for the following reasons:
Timeout: One way to conserve system resources is to configure idle time-out settings for the worker processes in an application pool. When these settings are configured, a worker process will shut down after a specified period of inactivity. The default value for idle time-out is 20 minutes.
Idle time-out can be helpful in the following situations:
  • The server has a heavy processing load.
  • Specific worker processes are consistently idle.
  • No new processing space is available.
Recycling: Worker process isolation mode offers process recycling, in which IIS automatically refreshes Web applications by restarting their worker processes. Process recycling keeps problematic applications running smoothly, and is an especially effective solution in cases where it is not possible to modify the application code.
However, these functionalities might cause some problems, such as scheduled email reports which are inconsistently not sent.
In order to cancel IIS Timeout and recycling, follow these steps:
  1. Cancel Idle Time-out:
    1. Go into the IIS Manager
    2. Click on Application Pools (on the left)
    3. Right click on sisense application 
    4. Select "Set Application Pool Defaults..."
    5. Change the value of "Idle Time-out (minutes)" from 20 to 0
    6. Click "ok"
  2. Cancel IIS Recycling :
    1. Go into the IIS Manager
    2. Click on Application Pools (on the left)
    3. Right click on sisense application
    4. Select "Recycling..."
    5. Uncheck "Regular time intervals (in minutes)" 
    6. Click next
    7. Click finish
  3. Restart the IIS
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