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The point of this article is to provide a method to a value associated with the most recent data in a date selection.


Step 1: in the Elasticube, create a field transforming the date field into an integer using the formula below. Then rebuild the Elasticube (schema changes).

getyear([Date Field])*10000+getmonth([Date Field])*100+getday([Date Field])

Step 2: In the dashboard, create a new pivot table. Set the Dimensions to be the field you want to see the value for the most recent date in and the date field. Set the measures to be the sum of the field you want to see the most recent value of and the max of the date integer.


In the example above, the we want to see the number of clicks on the most recent date for each campaign. 

Step 3: Create a filter on the Max Date Integer to see the the top ranked max date. This will return the values for the most recent date. 


Step 4: Remove the Max Date Measure, you will be left with a table of the Dimension, the max date, and the value for that day.




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