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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Post-Sisense version 7.2, you may face the below issue when building an Elasticube when the SSL certificate is not correctly configured/uploaded.  


Log in to Sisense. Open Developer Console (Press F12 in Chrome), navigate to the Security tab and click on "View certificate"  - > "Certificate Path" tab.
Starting with the second from the bottom and up, for each of the parent certificates repeat the following steps:
1) Click on the certificate -> View Certificate -> Details - > Copy to File...
2) Follow Export Wizard - > select "Base-64 encoded X.509" - > save it on your computer
Note: Export each parent certificate in the same order as it's presented in the hierarchy (starting with the second from the bottom). 
Open all exported certificates in a text editor. Create a new blank document -> Copy and paste each certificate in the new document. It should be in the same order as it was exported.
Add (not replace) the result to the "SSL Certificate" field box in the Configuration Manager and click on "Save". You may need to restart the service to have the changes kick in. 
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