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BloX actions allow for a user to attach a script to be executed on a click of a button. A popular use case that has gained a lot of usage recently, has been meta data changing with BloX actions. These actions change an existing widget’s panel items, panel granularity when items are dates, filters, or general settings. In short, these actions modify an existing widget’s metadata.

Metadata Context

These are the panels that are referenced in the solutions below:
Panel 1:
Includes categories for the visualization
Panel 2:
Includes the values for the visualization
Panel 3:
Includes the column or break-by of a chart
Panel 4:
Usually refers to the widget filter
Date Granularity:
If items in panel 1 or 3 include dates then date granularity - in the example Y stands for the years granularity.


Panel 1 - Category Modification

Swap dimensions that go into panel 1 of any number of widgets
Change what the values that go into a pivot's rows from a predefined list

Panel 2 - Value Modification

Changing Value Measures in the entire Dashboard using Blox User Interface
Display several related values (KPIs/Measures) in multiple widgets in the dashboard based on the user selection

Panel 3 - Column / Break-by Modification

Break-By Changer Drop Down
Swap dimensions that go into panel 3 of any number of widgets

Panel 4 - Filter Modification

Date Granularity Modification

Using either a drop-down or button list change the date granularity of specific widgets

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