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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
You can accomplish it via JavaScript - you could make the value appear in that format within the data point tooltip of the column chart widget i.e. the box that appears when you hover over the columns.
widget.on("beforedatapointtooltip", function (w, arg) {
  if (arg.context.pointScope.y > 0) {
    arg.context.points[0].value = "+" + arg.context.points[0].value;
This is a widget level script for the column chart widget you wanted this formatting to be applied to.
7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Is it possible to add dynamic data, basically a column from table instead of static text.




9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Yeah, I was wanting to do the same thing @TJT mentioned. Is it possible to display this in a column of a pivot table? Right now I have three values: one for 2022, one for 2023, and the last shows the difference between the two (i.e. subtracting the 2022 value from the 2023 value). If something went down then it shows as a negative number, which I want, but if something went up then I'd like it to display a plus symbol. This way it's more clear that the values in this column are showing amounts of change, and aren't actual totals by themselves. I thought about formatting the last column as a percentage, but it's still the same issue: if it's a positive change, I want to show an explicit plus sign so it's better differentiated from the negative amounts.

Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Hello @TJT & @Jake_Raz.

First of all, sorry for the delay. I know this answer has taken a while. These posts from intapiuser were created by an automated migration and are not monitored.

That's a great question. If you haven't found an answer yet, please post your question in the Build Analytics Discussions section. We are happy to help you there.

Have a great day!

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