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Models have empty datasets

10 - ETL
10 - ETL


Feature request / bug report: When change dataset, delete unused datasets.


When I look at my .smodel files, I notice they have extra datasets that are empty. For example, in the dataset JSON below notice "tables": [].

The reason is that my dashboards often change their source - e.g. if development switches to a new source database, or if different people makes changes on versions of the dashboard linked to different databases, but merge their changes.

When the user changes a datasource, Sisense should check if the old datasource is still needed and, if not, delete it. Either that check isn't working, or it was never implemented. 

Problems caused? (a) Can't convert to LiveModel if there are multiple datasets. (b) We develop locally then deploy to clients; it's not good for the datamodels to store information about past connections after we change their connection info. (c) I suspect this is not the intended behaviour, so it could lead to other unforseen issues/confusion. (d) The only way to fix these issues is to edit the JSON to remove empty datasets. 


"oid": "xxx",
"fullname": "sql:xxx",
"database": "xxx",
"schemaName": "xxx",
"type": "extract",
"name": "xxx",
"modelingTransformations": [],
"schema": {
"tables": []
"connection": {
"oid": "xxx",
"id": "xxx",
"provider": "sql",



Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Hello @Tim,

Thank you for your post.

Have you been in touch with our support team about this? I am trying to figure out if this is a bug or a feature request.

If it's a bug then it should go through the support process. If it's a feature request I can move this post over to the Product Feedback Forum where it can gather feedback and votes.

Thanks for being an active member of our community!


David Raynor (DRay)

Hi David,

Ok, next time I'll message support.

Bug/Request: I'd call it a bug because it can lead to an elasticube being unable to convert to a live model when it should be able to, and it means a .smodel file can accidentally store information about the owner's system that the owner isn't aware of.