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Updating SSL certificate on single instance

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Is there any way of updating the SSL certificates for a Sisense server without having to rerun the ./ xxxx.yaml?


Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Hi  bpeikes,

1. Copy new public and private keys to /opt/sisense/config/ssl directory.

2. Re-create TLS Secret:


kubectl create secret tls sisense-tls -n sisense --dry-run -o yaml --key /opt/sisense/config/ssl/<private key name> --cert /opt/sisense/config/ssl/<public key name> | kubectl apply -f -


3. Restart nginx-ingress controller pod:


kubectl -n default delete pod -l --force --grace-period=0



Important note:
This method is not officially supported because it is easy to mess up and forget specifying correct keys pathes in ssl_key_path and ssl_cer_path during next version upgrade or restoration.
So, in case you are going to use this approach, be careful and do not forget to update ssl_key_path and ssl_cer_path with certs names in installer conifg yaml when run next upgrade in order to ensure that new certs will be deployed when it is required to:
- upgrade Sisense to a new version;
- re-install Sisense;
- update sisense when it comes to change other deployment settings.
Oleksii Derkach
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