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Consolidating filters

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

I have a dashboard that has 3 filters that all need to be used to show statistics for the same company. What is the best way to consolidate these filters into one so that the user only needs to enter the company name once in a filter that covers all widgets?


Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Hello @Jack_Machesky,

Dashboard filters should affect all the Widgets on the Dashboard unless a Widget is specifically set to ignore Dashboard filters. Can you provide a screenshot of your use-case so we see what you are working on and provide suggestions?

Thank you.

David Raynor (DRay)

What I mean is that I have three filters that I have to apply the same value to, and I would like to combine all of these filters in to one. I know this can be achieved through relationships, but I am having trouble getting them to work. I think this may be because each filter is looking at a source in the elasticube that is coming from a different location. (Salesforce, Excel, MS SQL Server)

Are you merging salesforce, excel and SQL Server into a single Cube?  If so you need to build star schema where you have a common "Company" dimmension that aplies to all of your data. You probably have some other common dimmensions like date.

If they are in different cubes you can still solve your problem. All of the cubes need to have common Dimmension. In your example a "Company" dimmension needs to be created in each cube and have the same fields that you want to filter on with the same names.  That would allow you to filter on Company Name, Comany ID, Company Type, etc.

Sisense has good training on Star schema design. 

If you don't know about dimensional modeling and star schemas this article should help