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Many customers are asking about secutiry concerns. One of it is about the feature of set a time when the password expires. For example, if a viewer has set a password expirtation time to 60 days, he needs to change the password into these days. Days before the expiration he will be notified. 


Status changed to: New Idea

Hi @soporteparaptx - to achieve maximum security compliance, we recommend integrating your organization's SSO provider as a best practice.  Do you have any reasons why this can't be accomplished?

Hi Andrew,

Many customers does not have a SSO platform. The idea is that Sisense provide some extra security features, not to invest in other software that has a cost and makes the architecture more complex, if customer does not have the SSO platform in their roadmap or current technology stack. If we says to customer "delegate in other software to perform some functions" we are loosing the single-stack message.


Hi @soporteparaptx 

Thanks for the additional context and we appreciate you being a valued partner of Sisense.  I would like to learn more about how often you're seeing this.  I will reach out to your PSM.

Thanks again!


Hi @AndrewLoomis 

Thanks to you. I can give you at least two customers reference that are asking for that. 

In Parapentex we are available for all you need.