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Status: New Idea

We have a custom webhook mechanism to alert us for cube build failures. We created a single alert selecting all our cubes and adding the webhook link

Given build alerts are owned only by a single person.  Ownership transfer of these is helpful when people move out of the team and new person comes in, If not,the alerts created for team will need to be re-created.

Also, every time we want to add a new cube to the build alert, the owner of the common build alert should be available else we cannot add alert or will be forced to create a build alert for the absence period of the owner

Status changed to: New Idea

Hello @sultanahamer,

Thank you for your idea. I know some people use an email address that gets sent to a distribution list, would something like that work for your use case?

Hello @DRay ,

We are using a webhook to forward these alerts to a common place which is very similar to having a distribution list. The problem mentioned is different.

We are a team that creates/maintains dashboards and their respective cubes. We maintain more than 12 cubes, we want to be notified when there is a build error in cube.


When we create a new cube, we need to edit this alert and add a new cube to this alert. And this alert can be edited only by the one who created it. If they are not available, then we have no alerts for that cube.

If we are able to transfer ownership of alert like how we transfer ownership of dashboards, then we can update alert to monitor new cubes. Hope this makes the problem statement more clear