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Status: New Idea

The email schedules have a limitation when the file used in attachment is large in size. Most email servers have a 25mb max limit. 

It would be really helpful, if there was an option to include a downloadable link in the email. When a user schedules an email, with the link option, the attachment is downloaded to a temporary path and the link to that path is provided in the email. Clicking on the link should download the file from the temporary path which can be an s3 bucket or from some server. We can keep a retention policy of few days for the files.

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Sometimes the file size can be really large maybe more than 1 GB. The report manager faces issue when sending these large files to an SFTP location. Thus, if would really helpful to have a logic in report manager export such that if the file size is greater than 1 GB, compress the file to zip format and then send it across.