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Status: Delivered

Folders and Dashboards are only permitted to have 1 owner, this has been the case with Sisense since we first started using it 6 years ago.  The time has really come to allow multiple owners of Dashboards and Folders.  We have around 70 Designers who use our Sisense instance and being able to swap work, work jointly, used shared structures etc. adds a huge amount of time, inconvenience and frustration.  The request here is to allow multiple owners of Folders and Dashboards so that Designers can collaborate more effectively, the flexibility of such work would greatly reduce the time to deployment.


Hi @qamardinpal The Dashboard that is co-owned can be in any folder. The folder structure in Sisense is mostly for visual organization. Users will also still be able to duplicate Dashboards and save them wherever they need to.

What is the use case that you are looking to solve? 

@qamardinpal You may want to look into the GIT integration for your use case.

Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @qamardinpal - Dashboard co-ownership is part of our Winter 2024 release which will be available shortly.  Please reach out to your CSM to plan your upgrade to our latest release of Sisense (already available if on Cloud) and please be on the lookout for our Dashboard Co-Ownership course in the Sisense Academy.

I will add the requirement for folder co-ownership since that is currently outside the scope of the current release.

Just to add to the request list here. Folder management is something that we expected to be there as a basic feature, but it is very problematic right now and impractical in practice for a large organisation.

There are 2 core use-cases for folders:

  1. To allow us to manage various types and targets for dashboards.
  2. To segregate areas/groups/usage
  3. To allow us to manage what we present to users in the UI.

Whilst ultimately everything resolves to an ID, it makes SiSense very hard to work with for day to day use and I can see this limiting how we expand usage.

Current issues:

  • Admin permissions are not correctly respected; they cannot move, edit or add to folders owned by other users. This creates a situation where we have to shift ownership temporarily to move things around.
  • Cannot change ownership of a folder. This wouldn't be such an issue if Admins were able to manage and move dashboards and folders, whoever is the notional 'owner'.
  • Lack of Admin means we cannot, in practice move/rearrange folders without a lot of pain. If a folder is owned by person A, but the dashboards have other authors (very common), it creates a situation where the only way to change the structure is for the current Admin to create a new folder, take ownership and move everything one by one - then hand them all back.

Hello @pb_si,

Can you look at this post and let us know if addresses your needs?


I will also like to request this feature in Sisense. We have internal teams working for different clients, so we like to create 'shared folders' for each client where multiple developers where multiple developers can change/add assets in that folder. its a critical use case of our business use-case

@Benji_PaldiTeam does your plugin help achieve this functionality ?

 Thanks for raising this - your feedback is important to us.

Current folder implementation is indeed based on a single user ownership that prevents other users from adding or removing dashboards from it.  We will evaluate this feature request in order to prioritize it in the roadmap.