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Status: Delivered

Folders and Dashboards are only permitted to have 1 owner, this has been the case with Sisense since we first started using it 6 years ago.  The time has really come to allow multiple owners of Dashboards and Folders.  We have around 70 Designers who use our Sisense instance and being able to swap work, work jointly, used shared structures etc. adds a huge amount of time, inconvenience and frustration.  The request here is to allow multiple owners of Folders and Dashboards so that Designers can collaborate more effectively, the flexibility of such work would greatly reduce the time to deployment.


Good news! Dashboard Co-Ownership is expected to be included in a Sisense release coming within the next several months!

Hey - That is great to hear, will this also encompass Folder Co ownership?

@DRay Could you provide further guidance on whether this will include folders?

In the current structure, the owner of the folder has to add dashboards into said folder. I’d like to allow multiple users to add dashboards into folders. This would be super beneficial for workflow.

@Laflet @qamardinpal Folder co-ownership is not currently on the roadmap.

Hi @DRay , Will users be able to move co-owned dashboards into each others folders and republish?  Because if not and if folders cannot be co-owned then it means that dashboards can only be co-owned outside of folders which in some ways defeats the whole purpose !!

For development purposes, co-owning dashboards will be beneficial for non admin users. But for folder management, co-owned folders would be great. Is it possible for admins to change the owner or view as owner in a folder, a bit like in dashboards?

@qamardinpal Might be worth looking at this plugin. Given it’s currently not on the road map, this is likely what i will do. 

Hi @Laflet  and @qamardinpal ,

I welcome you to check out the below plugin as well:

What's good about this plugin is it's fully integrated with Sisense UI and has the ability to merge new viewers with the current ones.


Feel free to reach out if you have further questions, we're always happy to help (: 

Thanks Benji and Laflet - this is great that you have / there is something like this, however we feel this should be something that is part of the core application rather than being an Add-On.  Other BI applications have this as core functionality.

@DRay - Your thoughts on my previous comments?



Hi @qamardinpal 

I haven't had a chance to check with the product team yet. I'll let you know as soon as I have more information.