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Status: New Idea

We propose adding a valuable feature to our dashboard UI: the ability to export a comprehensive list of all data models, including both Elasticubes and live models. This enhancement is essential for efficiently monitoring model changes before and after Sisense upgrades. Presently, this process involves manual actions like taking screenshots or exporting a text file using 'si' commands, but it lacks the capability to export live models and essential metadata such as data model type, owner, last modification date, last publication date, activity, and size. By introducing export functionality in formats like CSV, users will be equipped to easily track and compare models, quickly identifying any discrepancies or replacements. This improvement will significantly streamline model management and ensure seamless transitions during upgrades.

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Hello @sumana,

Thank you for submitting your idea! Have looked the /datamodel-exports/ API endpiont? It may provide the functionality you are looking for.

If you need it, here is the documentation for it: