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Currently, if we export the pivot as an excel/csv, there is no indication of the date range it was run for in the output file. It will be really helpful to have control on the exported output in excel or csv, such that we can include the date range of the result or other filters applied in the output.

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hello @ccoelho,

Thank you for your feedback! 

To clarify, you want to have the date filter values exported with the .csv file, correct? How would you like to see it? I'm thinking some ways could be the date range in the file name, a note in the export itself, or a cell in the exported .csv. What are your thoughts?


Hi Dray,

Thanks for reaching out. I am looking more of a way of getting it in an excel export where the first row can display the date filter applied. This might be possible if the  table/pivot widget itself can display the date filter applied before the column headers, thus possibly pulling that information in the exported file . Similarly, if its a csv file, the first row, first cell or last row,first cell can display the date filter applied. But its important to have control to disable/enable the option of date filter display, because if a user is parsing the csv output, the additional header may cause issues.








Hello @ccoelho ,

Thank you for sharing your idea and providing details. We will bring this to the product team and provide updates here as they are available.

I encourage people to continue to vote and comment. We use community interest as one of the ways we prioritize efforts, so every vote and comment can help turn a request into a reality!

Thank you again for sharing and being part of our community!


I would like to enhance this idea a bit more. Actually, some of our users, frequently export pivot tables using various filters that might be available on a dashboard.

What their need is, is to somehow have in their export the information of what values were selected from the filters, in order to remember what selections they did.

I hope this gets in the pipeline soon 🙂