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Status: New Idea

We have some ideas for enhancing Pulse:

  • Once a Pulse alert has been created, have the ability to edit the filter from the Pulse page.
  • Have the ability to create Pulse as an option from the entire dashboard.  Users would select a measure for the pulse and set filter conditions from the model in question directly.
  • Make the Pulse input pop-up available within the application for developers (e.g. 3rd Party) to exploit from plugins they have developed.
  • Add ability to configure Pulse to trigger on a schedule (once per day, once per week, etc.), e.g. when a build is done, the alert gets sent according to the schedule.
  • Option to set Pulse to trigger when value changes in any direction rather than having to set up a specific calculation.
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I did reach out to the SiSense support with a subset of the above requirement. They redirected me to this forum. I believe the above enhancements are very valid and SiSense users stand to benefit from these enhancements especially the ability to limit the Alerts to pre-defined frequency.