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We are having several issues when dealing with Elasticube Builds. We can now schedule the build (both UI and REST API), but we have no tool to monitor and control this key functionality. What's the history of the builds for a cube? When can we see the whole picture of the time each build for each cube happens to optimize resources and find concurrent builds in time? Now we can just see the last build log, as an isolated entity. We cannot monitor all the builds as a whole, to see the whole picture of all the builds (when it happened, how many time it got, etc.). As administrators, we have no way to control now this. Even we cannot check the history of builds for a cube. It's a critical feature for administrators. 



There  should be information about builds, including duration, start and end timestamps and the main error in case of a failure, in the Usage - Builds dashboard.

You can also use the information in the Usage Analytics cube to build your own dashboard.

Hi @irismaessen , yes, we know it, but this is a partial view and it's far to be a good tool for admins to manage builds as a whole.