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There are many widget types that are part of the core of an analytical solution. Examples like Tabber, Jump to Dashboard, Accordion... are tools that the business users find very powerful and gives Sisense the fleixbility in the visualization that put the platform in the road to copete with powerful visualization tools like Tableau.

But, the profile of most of designers are business analyst or business users. To use and to configure properly this kind of visualizations, makes them to enter in a Javascript world, that it's very confusing and dirty. It makes that the promise of "self service" is not to close. I should be great if the configuration of this kind of visualization will be made from an user interface, without the need to write JS code. 



Hi both,

Thanks for share, but we need to focus on have a single stack vision, and this kind of features are expected to be available without any other cost, just out of the box. If not, we are going to go to a extremely expense platform with low adoption. We need to enhance the single-stack and self-service vision out of the box, with no additional costs. 



Thank you for sharing the feedback on this area. It is vital for us!

I agree that such widely used customization capabilities should be more straightforward and not require complex programming skills. We will investigate with the team ways to improve it. I will update here once we have a better understanding of the possible solutions.




Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

As I start to work with the product team on this, I would like some more feedback on things that should be in the UI but currently require code.

Can you provide any additional customizations that need to be easier to deploy?