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**Please note this idea was migrated to the Product Feedback Forum from older submission areas**

The Data Designer, when modeling an Elasticube or Live model isn’t able to define the default aggregation method.

When adding a measure to a widget, an aggregation method is automatically applied. The Dashboard Designer can choose the aggregation method via a menu, but a regular click will always choose a predetermined system-wide defauilt (distinct count or sum). In some cases, the aggregation applied is not relevant and could lead to invalid results.

I would like to see a feature that allows a Data Designer, when designing the data model, to define the default aggregation for a column. A Data Designer has the knowledge of the data model and what aggregation is best used for it. This ability would assist Dashboard Designers in correctly using the model.


100% in favour of this evolution.

The end users, who are not BI designers pro, are very confused on which aggregation to choose. They don't even understand why they have to change the aggregation option and why the information is not right at the first place.

If there should be only one evolution to be developed, that would be this one.

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hello @Community_Admin ,

Thank you for sharing your idea in the Sisense Community. We value your input and think this is a great idea! 

In order to prioritize our development efforts, we want to gauge community interest. We kindly request you to encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion. The more engagement your request receives, the higher likelihood it has of being considered for implementation.

We appreciate your efforts!


Sofia Losada