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Status: Planned

We embed Sisense into our application and produce pre-built dashboards for customers (which they cannot edit). We allow our users to create their own dashboards as well and with this comes the ability to create their own formulas.

We have found that allowing them to edit the name of their formula also allows the editing of our pre-built shared formulas and our attributes. While this only impacts the user locally, it can become a support nightmare, as customers can rename our pre-built items and make it hard to them troubleshoot.

We would like the ability to make these edit options more granular so that we can control (1) Shared Formula name edits (2) Attribute name edits and (3) non-shared Formula, local user dashboard, name edits.


Although we don't need this feature yet, we are likely to run into this same problem in the coming months. 

We would love to see some options regarding shared formulas in user roles manifests.

For example permission to create, edit, delete formulas.

Currently every designer is able to create, edit and delete any shared formula, and we want to prevent it.

Best Regards

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments
Status changed to: Planned

Good news! This is planned for a future release!