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Community Team Member
We can leverage filters to even change the field we are grouping by! This technique allows users to effectively see many different analyses, all in one query.

Below we have a query looking into the number of users by month for a fictional gaming company. Notice the [group_by] filter call in the select statement:
  , [group_by]
  , count(*)
group by
  , 2
Here is what our "group_by" filter looks like. 
To group by platform, we can select "platform" in our group by filter. Below are the results:
To group by source, select "source"
 The same applies for "gender."
Protip: You can call the filter in your chart title so the title can dynamically describe your filter selection!

That's three different analyses we were able to do by writing just one query! Creating group by filters is one of the many ways an end-user who is unfamiliar with SQL can dive into the dataset. 
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