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How do I find insights without having to dig through lots of dashboards & data?
This question is being asked by many of our customers who are looking for the easiest way to identify and stay on top of important business events. To address this need, Sisense introduced a new capability, Sisense Pulse. Sisense Pulse, allows users to receive automated smart alerts about administrative events and KPIs right in the app.
Pulse notifications can be delivered and monitored in a number of ways. The Pulse Feed provides streaming updates list and the Pulse Page provides a centralized portal for monitoring the user’s most important KPIs. Notifications can also be sent through email, through the Sisense mobile app, and through other enterprise apps like Slack and Zapier. Pulse events can be used to create automated workflows, which tie notifications into other applications for data-intelligent automation of business processes.
To help you learn more and get started with Sisense Pulse, we kicked off 2017 with a Sisense Pulse training webinar (40~ min). In this webinar, we explore what Pulse is, how to set auto-notifications and proactive alert system. Specifically, we cover the following: 
  • Setting up smart alerts for KPI's 
  • Setting up alerts for administrative events in the Sisense application
  • Sharing alerts with Sisense users through push notifications and the Pulse page
Q&A Summary
Below are the questions that were raised in the webinar. You are welcome to add comments for any further questions you might have. 
  • Can I set up filter criteria on the pulse page so that all my KPI's are using the same filter criteria? 
    The Pulse page and feed display alerts across multiple dashboards, therefore the alerts shouldn't have the same filter criteria.
  • Are Pulse tiles always considered to be Alerts?
    Yes, a tile represents an alert.
  • Is there a limit to the number of KPI's you can add to Pulse?
    A user may add up to 30 alerts (data and system alerts) to her/his personal Pulse. 
  • Can tiles in the Pulse page be moved around? 
  • The tiles are sorted alphabetically. In the future, we are planning to add drag & drop capabilities and allow the user to manually sort the tiles.
  • Do scripts work with Pulse alerts?
    We don't support scripts at the moment.
  • Can an Admin create an alert for a defined user group?
    Admins and designers can create alerts for individual users and users groups. Viewers may create alerts of their own, but cannot share them.
  • Can you edit the notification email?
    Yes. A notification message can be customized through the alert’s Advanced Settings. 
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