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Community Team Member
Our blog has a post about calculating retention, but this assumes I have a table with user activity from every single day per user, which is, more often than not, not the case. So I put together a version that uses just the start date and end date, and generates the in between:
A: (this equals new_user_activity from the blog)
select subscriptionid, create month

select Subscriptionid, end month

A.subsciption id, A.create month, B.end month from a left join b on A.subsciption id=B.subsciption id

select *, case when c.end month is not null
then datediff('month', start month, end month)
        else datediff('month', start month, dateadd('hour', -6, getdate()))
      end as months_lasted
from C

E: (This generates a series of months, to help us get those "middle" dates)
      date_trunc('month', dateadd(month, (-1 * row_number() over(order by true)), getdate()::date)) as n
    limit 60

F: (this equals activity in the blog)
select * from D join E on 1=1
where E.n >= D.start_ month
and E.n <= nvl(d.end_month,dateadd('hour',-6,getdate()))

G: (this equals cohort_active_user_count in the blog)
select start month, count(distinct id)
from A
group by 1


A.start_month as date
datediff(month, a.start_month, f.n) as period
      , max(g.count) as new_users
      , count(distinct f.subscription_id) as retained_users
      , count(distinct f.subscription_id) / max(g.count)::float as retention
      left join F on
     A.subscription_id = F.subscription_id
      and A.start_month < F.n
    left join G on
    A.start_month =G.start_month
group by
  , 2

I: (final query to format as a cohort)
select date
  , new_users
  , period
  , new_users-retained_users as churned_users
  , retained_users
  , retention as retention_percentage
where period is not null 
This uses month over month retention, in Redshift Pseudocode, but you can edit it to use any period, or even the aggregation filter. 

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‎03-02-2023 08:58 AM
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