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Resolving JVM Heap Errors During A Cube Build

Occasionally when building a cube, you may run into an “Out Of Memory Error: Java Heap Space” error, as seen below.

The build logic runs inside a Java Virtual Machine, which utilizes heap space as temporary storage. If you are running multiple builds at once, or the cubes are relatively large and complex, you may hit the maximum amount of available heap space. This will cause your build to fail and will lead to an error.




To resolve the problem, do the following:

  1. Log into Sisense as an Administrator.
  2. Open Configuration Manager (Admin tab > System Configuration > System Management).
  3. Click the Sisense logo five times quickly to show the hidden menu.
  4. Navigate to Services > Build.
  5. Increase the “Memory Limit” configuration parameter as needed (the current default value is 512m). Please note, 1024m is a good value to start with if you are unsure how this configuration parameter should be increased.
  6. Click on “Save Changes” to apply. This will automatically restart the build pod.




If your builds continue to fail with the same error, you may need to continue increasing the memory limit.



If you need any additional help, please contact Sisense Support.

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