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Community Team Member
Many times we'd like to analyze our data according to top/bottom ranking positions, for this we have the out-of-the-box ranking filters. At other times, we'd like to see certain ranges, such as the ranking range between certain ranks, i.e. positions 5-10 or 11-50. Our standard top/bottom ranking filters will not suffice for these analysis. 
In this example, we'd like to focus our attention on our product categories ranking 4-6 to see how to improve our medium selling items.
For this, we'll use a combination of the RANK() function ( and then determine which ranking indexes we'd like to display:
1. Regardless of the ultimate widget you'd like to use, tart with a pivot table to see all the categories and actual data.
2. Add the RANK() function, the first argument within this function should be the measure according to which you'd like to apply the ranking, in our case SUM(Quantity). The second argument is the manner in which we'd like to arrange our ranking, "ASC"/"DESC" in our case we'll use "DESC": This will create the Categories' indexing according to our top ranking.
3. We will now apply a filter by value on our newly created RANK function, use the range which you'd like to display, in our case, we'd like to show the ranking values which are between 4-6:
That's it! you will now be able to show the specific ranking range required, you can even go ahead and disable the RANK function toggle switch so it will not be displayed within the widget.
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