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While Sisense provides powerful analytics and simple report printing, if pixel perfect report printing is required, additional tools like SAP Crystal Reports must be used.
Pixel Perfect reports can be designed which use data from a Sisense Elasticube. These reports contain all Crystal Reports features including exact control of size and position of report elements, headers, footers, etc.
Sisense and Crystal Reports have been installed. Knowledge of how to design Crystal Reports.

Step 1 - Set up ODBC Connection to an existing Elasticube

Follow these instructions to set up an ODBC connection to one of your Elasticubes. For our purposes, we will create a connection to our Sample Healthcare Elasticube (Included with Sisense install). We will name the connection "Sisense Healthcare Sample".
Note: You must install the 32-bit driver since Crystal Reports uses 32-bit architecture. When setting up your connection, you must do this in ODBC Data Sources (32-bit).

Step 2 - Create a new blank report in Crystal Reports and pull in data

In the Database Expert dialog box expand the "Create New Connection" selection.
Expand the "ODBC (RDO)" section. A dialog box should pop up.
Select the Sisense Sample Healthcare data source and click finish.
Select the tables you will be using for your reports and click the '>' button to add them to the Crystal Reports data model (you may only need a couple tables for a particular report).
Link the tables needed for your report and click OK.

Step 3 - Build your report

You can now access data from the Elasticube to build a Crystal Report!

Step 4 (optional) - Embed Crystal Report into Sisense Dashboard

Referring to the following links, you may embed a crystal report into a Sisense Dashboard or export a pixel perfect reprt to PDF from a dashboard:
ReCrystallize Pro - Allows viewing of Crystal Reports in a web browser
Jump To Dashboard Plugin - Includes different configurable options for pop ups or links. This add-on is pre-installed on Sisense in Linux environments and its version could be different. The download link is for Sisense on Windows.
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