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Community Team Member
Open ended survey questions are answered as free form sentences. This plugin parses out the sentences and extracts phrases of configurable length. 1 Word, 2 Words etc.
Note: This plugin is meant to be used in conjunction with the word cloud widget.
Download the plugin from the provided link (unzip it) and place it in the plugins folder.
C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins
If you are using version 7.2 and higher unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\ folder. 
Add the following widget script.
widget.on('queryend', function(w, e) {

  var maxPhraseSize = 2;
  var blackList = "DO|NOT|INCLUDE";

  prism.splitSentence (w, e, maxPhraseSize, blackList);

maxPhraseSize - Specifies the desired number of words in each extracted phrase.
e.g. If set to 2 -  Peppa Pig will display as one phrase.
       If set to 1 -  Peppa and Pig will render independently.
blackList - | delimited list of words (List in Upper Case) to ignore, customize this list base on your data. This list is appended to the a global list set below.
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‎03-02-2023 09:48 AM
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