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Community Team Member

Part of having a successful BI tool is having your data refreshed on the time you need it. To ensure your builds are working as expected, you can follow the steps provided below.

Step 1 - Setting Up a Build Alert

  • Follow the documentation of Sisense Pulse Creating build alerts. Build alerts are created from Sisense and are sent following an ElastiCube build.

Step 2 - Build Alert

  • In case of a build alert, an alert will pop up letting you know what cube had failed and when

Step 3 - But now what? how do I know why it failed?

  • Go to the Data tab where you will see the cube that failed and open the schema of the cube
  • Click on option > View Latest Logs
  • This will show you the stage/table it failed on and the exception message
  • In our case, the build failed due to a missing file used in table1 table

Step 4 - Can't understand the exception message

  • Look at the Build Errors Troubleshooting to better understand the build mechanism and errors.
  • Still can't figure out what went wrong. Submit a ticket and don't forget to add the following details -
    • Name of cube
    • Exception message
    • Did the cube ever built successfully?
    • Time of failure and your time zone
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