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Community Team Member
This step-by-step article explains how to change the color palette so that you can use custom colors for elements of the Sisense dashboards. (This will work in V5.7.5 and higher).  
How to get your existing palettes
1. Go to v0.9  GET / palettes and hit “RUN”
How to create a new schema
1. Go to POST / palettes and insert the required schema into the “Value” input box and hit “RUN”.
2. Use the following syntax and update the “colors” and “name” parameters according to your needs. You can add up to 16 colors in a custom palette. In addition, you can modify the following parameters: 
 'isDefault' = true means that new dashboards will be created with this palette by default. There can only be one default palette at any time.
 'sortOrder' - determines the order of the palette in the palettes list displayed in the dashboard drop-down
   "colors": [

 "name": "MyPalette",
 "isDefault": true,
 "sortOrder": 10
3. The new palette will be added to your Dashboard Palettes.
How to delete a palette:
1. Go to Delete / palettes / {name} and insert the required schema into the “Value” input box
2. Insert the name of the Palette you wish to delete into the Value input box and hit “RUN”
3. The Palette will be deleted from the Dashboard Palettes
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