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This article will explain how to make a REST API connection to IP Geolocation in order to retrieve information about IP addresses.
This connector will select IP addresses from data in your ElastiCube and provide a new table with data such as Continent, Country Name, State, City, Lat, Long and Country Flag.
IP addresses can provide insightful data that you can visualization in Sisense. An example would be a marketing companies tracking where users are coming from in order to better serve customers.
How to Install and Configure the IP Lookup Connector:
Step 1:
Download the Connector and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\DataConnectors\DotNetContainer\Connectors folder.
*You may need to move your Rest dll file into the connector (replace the current one) - you can do this by going to C:\Program Files\Sisense\DataConnectors\DotNetContainer\Rest and copying the .dll to the IPLookup Connector
Step 2:
Restart the Sisense.Discovery and Sisense.CLRConnectorsContainer services on the Sisense machine
Step 3:
Configure the driver with your Sisense instance and IP Geolocation API Key
Get your Sisense Auth Key from /authentication/login
Get your IP Geolocation API Key from
Step 4:
Fill in the config.json with your information:
Step 5:
Select from the ElastiCube table that has the IP Addresses and target the IP address column
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