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A repair is a process that will re-install the currently used version of Sisense. This can be useful in situations where your installation has become corrupted. No ElastiCube data or Sisense Web configurations will be changed. However, if you made any modifications to the html/css/js files that are used by Sisense Web, they are liable to be overwritten.

How to Run a Repair

  1. Download the Sisense version you would like to work with.
    • If you are currently on the latest version of Sisense, click here to download the latest version file onto the machine hosting Sisense. 
    • Otherwise, you'll need to download the version that you are currently on. You can find the version you're using opening the ElastiCube Manager, clicking Help & How-To's in the upper right corner, and then selecting About. To download a specific version, please contact Sisense support or your Customer Success Manager.2018-09-06_15h55_47.png
  2. Once you have the installer downloaded, right click and run it as an Administrator, and you will be prompted to repair. Just click the Continue button, and follow the instructions.
  3.  2018-09-06_15h57_17.png
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