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Previously in Linux, Sisense were using so called "Old Framework" for connectors - this means connectors from Windows that were ported to Linux environment. However now Sisense developing the connector designed for Linux specifically. Some portion of connectors already using the new framework i.e if the connector is enabled - this means the New Framework, disabling the connector will enable the Old Framework, BTW switching the connector framework is the technique to troubleshoot the issue. 
But the JDBC connectors still using the Old connectors framework.
Starting from version L2022.0 you can create the JDBC connector on a New Framework.
Important to note! The provided solution is not an official feature yet, and currently in BETA, thus, might have issues.
The solution will require maintenance and proper testing on your side, we also highly recommend running on a staging environment before upgrading or implementing it on production environments.
To create the connector:
1. Download the needed connector from CDATA (Sisense official partner)
2. Install the connector on your local PC  (not on Sisense server)
3. The connector will be installed into C:\Program Files\CData\DRIVER_NAME
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
6. Click on Manage Connectors
7. Create JDBC connector
8. Enable connector
9. Give it the required name  in the Display name (this will be the name of the connector in the list of connectors)
10. Upload the connector that you installed in the Step 2. Needed  *.jar  file located in the lib older of your driver  C:\Program Files\CData\DRIVER_NAME\lib
11.  Provide the class name (which can be found in the documentation of a connector on the CDATA page) 
12. Save settings.
Now the connector is available in the list of connectors 
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